Marfa Myths :: Imaginary Concerts


Marfa Myths 2018 - Peter Coffin - Imaginary Concerts Exhibition Image

Anthology Editions presents Imaginary Concerts, an exhibition of original prints from artist Peter Coffin’s Untitled (Designs for Colby Poster Company), 2008. The project was inspired by the iconic posters of LA’s Colby Poster Printing Company, who printed the tricolor gradient posters from 1946 until 2012.

To date, Coffin has released a two-volume series with Anthology Editions, also titled Imaginary Concerts, in which the artist and friends dreamed up invented line-ups for impossible gigs and printed them on the Colby Poster Printing Company designs.

Join us for the opening show at 6pm on April 12 at Happy Headquarters (Marfa Studio of Arts) or swing by HQ anytime next weekend to view yourself.