Tonstartssbandht New LP – Sorcerer – OUT TODAY


Tonstartssbandht’s latest creation, Sorcerer, emerges today on LP / CD / DIG

Settle into Tonstartssbandht’s music and let it rock heavy from all sides. The music melds with the personal, tangible nature of the city climate, telling a stunning tale. Discovered on the road and distilled at home, the music conveys experience and subtlety, scars exposed to carry the chronicle. The music, the music, the fucking music.

Tonstartssbandht Sorcerer

Sorcerer is the new full-length studio album from Andy and Edwin White, the Florida / New York duo known as Tonstartssbandht (tahn-starts-bandit). On Sorcerer, the brothers chart a heavenly course above the storm and stress, one explored over years of touring and a poetic language forged between performers and siblings.

Tonstartssbandht Sorcerer

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LP includes download code and 24″x12″ 2-sided poster.

Tonstartssbandht Sorcerer