Out Now: End of Everything


Mega Bog’s End of Everything is OUT NOW

Today Mega Bog, the experimental pop outfit fronted by Erin Birgy, releases the highly anticipated album, End of Everything.

Writing on piano and synthesizer, instead of the familiar guitar, Birgy explores a spectrum of new sounds to illuminate a state of volatility and flux that is both universal and personal. Speaking of this transition, she describes the need “to feel… instantly. I didn’t want to dig into secret codes. I no longer wanted to hide behind difficult music. I was curious to give others the same with the music I create; to make music someone could use to explore drama, playfulness, and dancing, to shake the trauma loose.” Heavy grooves, metal guitar squeals, Italo disco bass lines, rhapsodic synth layers, and huge choruses stomp around the delightfully sanguine pop drama. Where previous records stretched out into the abstract and ethereal, End of Everything delivers a hit straight to collective awareness and healing.

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Praise for End of Everything:

“After breaking out with a series of idiosyncratic, folky pop records, Erin Birgy modulates her sage observations to a synthpop frequency on [End of Everything]” — Pitchfork, The Most Anticipated Albums of Summer 2023

“From the very first rain of synthesizers on “Cactus People,” it’s clear that bandleader Erin Birgy has crafted something of a masterpiece.” — Paste

“a perfect piece of synth rock” – Paste

“an undeniable force” – NPR

“Experimental pop of a uniquely unbounded nature” 8/10 – Uncut

“End of Everything’s surface gloss barely conceals a raw intensity” 4/5 – Mojo