Jess Williamson – 2018 Spring Tour with Loma


Jess Williamson - Spring 2018 Tour Poster

Catch Jess Williamson on tour with Loma, leading up to the release of her album Cosmic Wink, out May 11th.

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PlantCosmic Wink is about Love. That’s Love-with-a-capital-L, true deep love. Ancient love. Across many lifetimes kind of love. It’s about grief, loss, and guilt too. The anguish that comes from having to choose just one path. It’s about the dark side of love: jealousy, and letting people down. It’s about mortality, and how the time we have with the ones we love becomes so much more precious when we realize that we have a finite amount of breaths in these bodies we walk around in.
So here’s to Love, Time with her double-edged sword, and the cosmic winks that help us along the way.” – Jess