Introducing CMON

Photo of the band CMON

Please meet the newest addition to the Mexican Summer crew — CMON (Confusing Mix Of Nations). CMON is Josh Da Costa & Jamen Whitelock, a duo that met in New York where they created the band Regal Degal. In 2015, as Regal Degal mounted its final tour, Josh relocated to Los Angeles, but the two bandmates continued to keep their line of communication open. Eventually Jamen started making the cross-country trek to LA to work and record with Josh, giving way to CMON.

The two mined the sound they established with Regal Degal, applying their old band’s heavy atmospherics and melancholy soul to four-on-the-floor rhythm grids and smoothed-out guitar lines. CMON’s music is built for heady crate-diggers and the cutting-edge partygoers, perfect for headphones after the club.

Check out the Geneva Jacuzzi-directed video for single “Coo” below ~ a song on a deft, strange journey.

Keep tabs on all things CMON below, and stay tuned for more tunes & news soon .. !

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