Arp’s “ENSEMBLE – LIVE!” + the new single “Voices”


Arp Ensemble Live News Image

A special one-off live studio album – featuring a five-piece ensemble performing music from Arp’s critically-acclaimed album ZEBRA – plus four new compositions

Last summer’s spellbinding album ZEBRA struck a chord with many listeners. Combining innovative production with an interest in music from around the globe – fourth world, Japanese avant-garde, minimalism, kosmische, dub, cosmic jazz and more – ZEBRA found Arp (aka Alexis Georgopoulos) firing on all cylinders. Inspired by the live quintet Georgopoulos assembled for Mexican Summer’s 10th anniversary celebration, the label asked if he would be interested in recording a “live in the studio” album – a snapshot of a group in motion.

If ZEBRA, the first album made primarily in his new home studio, showed Georgopoulos blossoming as an arranger/producer, ENSEMBLE – LIVE! emphasizes a different character – the sound of a group dynamic, of a vibe, of inspiration found in the moment – and how these songs work with 5 people playing them at the same time, together in a room.

Arp’s ENSEMBLE – LIVE! will be available to download and on streaming services on November 15th, with the vinyl available on December 6th.

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