Ariel Pink Releases “Bolivian Soldier” and “My Molly”


Ariel Pink Photograph

“Bolivian Soldier”
from Odditties Sodomies Vol. 2

“‘Bolivian Soldier’ carries the same sonic hallmarks as Before Today, Ariel Pink’s breakthrough Haunted Graffiti record. It’s a delightfully disorientating cut, riding a frantic and irregular beat before quickly sliding into the occasional hook. Hypnotic and textured, it’s classic Pink.” – The Fader

“My Molly”
from Underground

Ariel Pink’s classic, proto-punk-leaning ‘My Molly’ returns, reworked and remastered, improving the fidelity while retaining the grit of Pink’s early D.I.Y. recordings. “Pink’s oeuvre is a fascinating journey through the musician’s own mythologised life path – from bourgeoning bedroom-producer to cult icon.” – HERO

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