April Releases: Lilacs & Champagne + No Joy + Slava


Lilacs & Champagne‘s Danish & Blue is their second release on Mexican Summer, and sees the duo push their penchant for mixing warped wax samples with impeccably produced beats into an even fresher new territory. Pre-order Danish & Blue in time for the album’s 4/23 release.

Montreal’s No Joy are on the return, following up 2012’s blistering Negaverse EP with their second LP on Mexican Summer, Wait To Pleasure. Lead single “Lunar Phobia” already has critics excited, described as “blaring and gloriously disorienting” by Pitchfork. Pre-order Wait To Pleasure in time for the album’s 4/9 release.

Moscow transplant Slava has carved a unique niche for himself within New York’s burgeoning left-field electronic underground. With an off-kilter, skittering take on dance music that encompasses chopped R&B samples, footwork rhythms and warped house sensibilities Raw Solutions is a truly exciting listen. Pre-order Raw Solutions in time for the album’s 4/23 release