Announcing: Looking Glass


Looking Glass Announce Banner

Looking Glass is a new music moment focused on the human condition as reflected through remote connection.

While a collective, unconscious understanding of what matters most manifests with each unusual day, Looking Glass serves as a portal for creative exploration and community, inspired by and beyond the present, to resonate through all versions of reality.

Mirroring the tenets of Mexican Summer’s ten plus years of supporting adventurous music, Looking Glass looks inward to artists close to the label’s core, and outward to familiar names not far from the family tree, to demonstrate discovery, diversity, and collaboration.

The four artists inaugurating Looking Glass, Connan Mockasin (as remixed by Andrew VanWyngarden), Kikagaku Moyo, Matchess, and Sessa, hint at the series’ spirit, and upcoming contributions that include Angel Bat Dawid, Ariel Pink, Julie Byrne, The Green Child, Photay, and more, further it.

Presented as digital singles, all Bandcamp proceeds from Looking Glass will filter straight back to the artist, or a charity of their choice.

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