Listen to “Fruit” the first single off Pill’s ‘Soft Hell’


Pill - Band Photograph

Soft Hell, Pill’s second full-length album, is a raucous, splintering dispatch from New York City, animated by the madcap ingenuity of a foursome finding a palpable sense of joy and play in expressions of caustic, black humor. Like the contradiction of the album title, which references our acceptance of everyday miseries, it’s a slew of dichotomies, a frenzied cutup. It’s bleeding saxophone and lustrous feedback sounding somehow pastoral, and winking hooks subtly infused with venom.

The post-punk purveyors have shared their first single off the new album, “Fruit,” a coolly pulsing vamp that explores the paralysis of political anxiety. Accompanying the single is a music video from the masterminds behind Studio Kándé:

“For Pill’s “Fruit” video we wanted to create a grotesque and colorful bacchanale of bullshit while blowing kisses at Le Grande Bouffe, the color pallette of an LSD tinged Betty Crocker cookbook, and the recent trend in millenial slime. We gently suggest viewing this through the lens of a 1990s Saturday morning claymation interstitial, while you gobble down a bowl of sugary cereal.”
— Studio Kándé

Soft Hell is out October 26 and available on LP, CD and digital formats. Watch the music video for “Fruit” + pre-order now.