Photay Shares “Villain” (feat. golda may)


photay and golda may


Photay – “Villain” (feat. golda may)

There’s an ethereal world within “Villain”, the latest single from Woodstock-native producer Photay. The track delivers Shornstein’s signature beaming beats in bursts of soft ripples while LA-based singer-songwriter golda may takes center stage.

Photay’s beat forcefully burbles and morphs with a stylish grace, like tectonic plates shifting beneath golda may’s expressive, Björk-esque vocal. Despite the chaos, it never loses its sense of grand serenity.” – Stereogum



Of the collaboration, Shornstein says: “I had arrived home after a long stretch of touring and a new tranquility hung in the air. I kicked things off with this blissful floating tone (the opening sound in “Villain”) and Ariella (golda may) instantly vocalized these complex articulate melodies over top. It’s not often you jump into a creative collaboration without any icebreaking needed.”


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