Out Now: Hiding in Plain Sight


Hiding in Plain Sight is out now!

The third and most seasoned Drugdealer album, Hiding in Plain Sight, is out today!

This new set of jams interlace Collin’s vocals with a newly found confidence. The output is still as smooth as a summer breeze but the themes explore a longing for love, not just for another but for oneself.

Led by founder and primary songwriter Michael Collins, the record features an array of collaborators including Tim Presley, Kate Bollinger, Sean Nicholas Savage, John Carroll Kirby, and more. It’s an assured collection of songs that blend silky vocal melodies and lush instrumentation with plenty of heart and soul. Hiding in Plain Sight sparks a little joy, and releases a whole lot of love. Pull up a chair, share a bottle of wine, and get lost in the grooves.