Out Now! Dungen & Woods – Myths 003

Dungen & Woods - Myths 003 - Artist Photo

The collaborative album by Dungen & Woods

Myths 003

12″ / MP3

Recorded in the Far West Texas desert, Myths 003 is the result of last year’s Marfa Myths residency with Stockholm’s psychedelic masters Dungen and adventurous Brooklyn indie-folk pioneers Woods.

Featuring seven all-new songs from Dungen’s Gustav Ejstes & Reine Fiske, and Woods’ Jeremy Earl & Jarvis Taveniere, Myths 003 unfolds like a day on the desert—languid, exploratory and dynamic. The two groups perform as though they’ve been with one another all along, with the unifying spirit of Marfa as the through-line that ultimately inspires great things.

“Being in Marfa and given total freedom of creativity… being in-between studio, earth and sky amongst other wanderers of culture and music, gave us a conception and a chance of what this music could be. Etched in time for us, this is what came to be, and this is what will always stay there with us.”

-Reine Fiske


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Dungen & Woods - Myths 003 - Vinyl Product Shot