Out Now: Cosmic Wink from Jess Williamson


A reference to the Jungian idea of synchronicity, or “meaningful coincidences,” Cosmic Wink is as much a reflection on inspired companionship as it is a rebirth. In 2016, folk singer-songwriter Jess Williamson fell deeply in love, and then her life was uprooted; Williamson left Texas for California, leaving behind the roadworn verses of her previous albums for brighter, bolder songwriting. It was this love and new location that inspired Cosmic Wink both musically and lyrically.

PlantCosmic Wink is about Love. That’s Love-with-a-capital-L, true deep love. Ancient love. Across many lifetimes kind of love. It’s about grief, loss, and guilt too. The anguish that comes from having to choose just one path. It’s about the dark side of love: jealousy, and letting people down. It’s about mortality, and how the time we have with the ones we love becomes so much more precious when we realize that we have a finite amount of breaths in these bodies we walk around in.
So here’s to Love, Time with her double-edged sword, and the cosmic winks that help us along the way.” – Jess

Cosmic Wink is available now on vinyl, CD, and digital formats. Limited edition Cosmic Copal incense included with order while supplies last. 

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