Mexican Summer Represses


Hope this finds you WELL.

It’s recently come to our attention that our represses warranted some explanation. So, without further ado people-here goes…

For the record, none of us think it’s bad to repress a record – in fact, we’re thrilled that there’s enough demand to warrant them. Hearing about stuff like eBay prices is just ridiculous and certainly not a trend we wish to perpetuate. We want people to have this music. That said, we also understand that those first pressings are special and we intend to treat them that way. All of our first pressings are produced on ‘tip-on’ sleeves – these are the really nice, heavy, paper wrapped cardboard ones (and also is a big part of why our records tend to cost a little more). We’ll also keep any color we press on the first run exclusive to that pressing. So, really those first pieces are unique and very much ‘limited’.

When a repress seems appropriate (i.e. we sell out of a record in 5 minutes) there are things that we do differently. The sleeves we produce are on lighter weight stock (usually printed on a CCNB stock or reverse board, etc). Overall, it still looks really nice, but it’s a snitch of a step down from the production value of the first pressing (and it costs less). We also plan to occasionally set the repress apart with something unique to the run (tie dye splatter vinyl on Real Estate, Alternate art on the Ariel Pink 7″, etc.).

So with that, we would like to put this information out there to be clear on all fronts and have you all know all of our releases are well thought out and come from the heart. We want to put out good records and we want people to hear them-its as simple as that.

All the best.

Mexican Summer Headquarters.