Introducing Natural Wonder Beauty Concept



Natural Wonder Beauty Concept, a partnership between Ana Roxanne andDJ Python (Brian Piñeyro).
We’re happy to announce their debut LP, Natural Wonder Beauty Concept, out July 14th. Today, they share the debut single, “Sword.”

The life of the solo electronic artist is equal parts privilege and loneliness. You hurtle across the sky to spend a few hours in a dark club, behind the decks or on stage at the microphone. A brief grasp at transcendence, then the lights are on. Afterwards, you chat with friends you made last month, last year, or an hour ago. Back on the train, the plane. A couple weeks of this, then home. Repeat. It was against this backdrop that Ana Roxanne and DJ Python struck up a singular friendship and collaboration, culminating in the shared musical language of their new project, Natural Wonder Beauty Concept.

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