Hear Torn Hawk’s New Single, With My Back To The Tower


torn-hawk-back-tower With one month until the release of the forthcoming album Union and Return, Torn Hawk shares a new single titled “With My Back To The Tower.” Union and Return is the third album from Torn Hawk, aka Luke Wyatt, composed entirely in Wyatt’s home in Berlin. A new resident to the city, the album is highly inspired by Berlin’s art museums, full of 19th century Romantic paintings. The result is melodic, with heavy nods to classical music from a contemporary electronic standpoint. “With My Back To The Tower” has been called an “ominous, tricky instrumental” by Stereogum, and also received praise from Thump, who spoke with Wyatt in this interview. Union and Return comes out on May 13th. Pre-orders of the album in vinyl and digital formats are available now, with “Feeling is Law” and “With My Back To The Tower” available as immediate downloads to anyone who pre-orders. Pre-order the album here. Listen to “With My Back To The Tower” on Soundcloud.