Hayden Pedigo Announces ‘The Happiest Times I Ever Ignored’


The Happiest Times I Ever Ignored is out June 30th!

Lead Single is ‘Elsewhere’ is out today!

The beloved artist, impromptu politician, model and fingerstyling guitarist Hayden Pedigo announces his sprawling and cinematic new album today. The Happiest Times I Ever Ignored, Pedigo’s sixth studio album and second for Mexican Summer, will be out on June 30th. A kaleidoscopic son of cowboy country sprung from the sky and soil of the Texas panhandle, Pedigo can often be found wearing chain mail or a pinstripe suit or at least ten gallons of hat. But while his many personas provide comic relief, he takes his craft seriously. Case in point: he aimed to create “the best instrumental acoustic guitar album of the past twenty years,” and more than hit his mark.

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