Desert Dazed


Some of the fam will be at Desert Daze next weekend.

Ariel Pink, Allah-Las and Weyes Blood are among the performances, screenings, speakers and metaphysical scampering taking place in Joshua Tree.

Ariel Pink - Desert Daze

As the universe expands, our infinite eternal now drifts imminently towards the 6th installation of the Desert Daze Music & Art Festival in Joshua Tree, California, October 12th-15th.

Allah-Las - Desert Daze

Sonic performances will run alongside panel speakers, curated daily film screenings, and the Mystic Bazaar’s daily schedule of metaphysical workshops.

The Institute of Mentalphysics, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and Son, founded by Ding Le Mei, a westerner turned Tibetan Monk, is the oldest and largest spiritual retreat center in the western United States. The beautifully maintained grounds of garden paths, fountains, labyrinths and captivating architecture rest atop a rare confluence of three underground aquifers and a measurable magnetic field which causes a palpable energetic effect on those who visit. Audience members have the chance of staying in one of Wright’s on site cottages, or camping under the vast, twinkling desert sky. Limited in capacity to provide the kind of personal experience that just can’t be had at larger festivals, you don’t just go to Desert Daze, you profoundly experience Desert Daze.

Weyes Blood - Desert Daze

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Desert Daze