Cheeseburger’s self-titled debut out today!


Everyone, crack those beers open and drink all day because we are celebrating the release of Cheeseburger’s self-titled debut out today!!!  If you would like to buy the record please go to our store or go to any record store that carries Kemado releases.  The trio of stooges from Brooklyn has a special treat for everyone in the form of a new video for “Do You Remember?” off of the record.  The video has the band running around a prehistoric land of dinosaurs. The old footage is taken from one of the most famous public domain movies of all time, The Lost World (1925). Check out the hilarious clip here.  Cheeseburger also has a few upcoming appearances including SXSW that are not to be missed!

VietNam just recently completed a live performance for NPR’s World Cafe.  The broadcast will happen this Wednesday 2-4pm EST and you can listen to the show here.