Reckless Records On The Music Of Catherine Ribeiro


Back in 2012 or so I was at a small party at an apartment in Paris. A few of us were having a back & forth iPod DJ session and a song came on that I’d never heard before. After only a minute or two I was really intrigued and asked what was playing. It was the opening track from Paix by Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes. I’d never heard them before and I was totally blown away. The guy playing it told me a little about them and I made sure to write down the name because I was determined to find some of their records. A few days later I was in a record store in Brussels and I looked around but didn’t see anything by them. On a whim I asked the clerk if he thought they had any of their LPs. He dug around beneath the racks in their overstock section for a bit and found a copy of Paix. I was totally stoked. It was pretty beat up but I had to buy it. When I got back home I listened to the record over & over. I was obsessed. Some of my “head” friends were hip to them but not many people I knew in the States seemed to be aware of them.

In 2017, I was in Europe again and as I crossed the border into France the first record I played was Paix. I listened to it a few times on that trip, driving through the beautiful French countryside that spawned this incredible music, daydreaming about what it must have been like to hear such groundbreaking & alien sounds for this first time back in the 1970s. These records still sound incredibly fresh & modern in 2018 & I’m happy to file away my original copy of Paix (yeah I’m still keeping it) and listen to the incredible sounding reissues.

– Matt, Reckless Records


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