The Fresh & Onlys

Originally formed in San Francisco by Tim Cohen, Shayde Sartin and Wymond Miles, and Kyle Gibson, their self-titled debut appeared in 2008 at the fulcrum of a flourishing San Francisco music scene. The debut distinguished The Fresh & Onlys from their peers in the lauded “San Francisco garage scene.” With tunefulness equally indebted to pastoral psychedelia, punchy new wave and hyper-literate proponents of lofty 80s pop, The Fresh & Onlys swiftly moved through the ranks of venerable indie rock labels. In 2012, The Fresh & Onlys’ fourth album, Long Slow Dance was released followed by a fifth album, House of Spirits in 2014. In 2017, they released their seventh album, Wolf Lie Down, which was written and recorded mostly by Cohen and Miles.

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