Danava / Earthless / Lecherous Gaze

Some of you have learned the hard way at smoke shops that you don’t call them “bongs” in the store; the preferred nomenclature is “water pipes.” Likewise, record retailers around the country are going to need to find a new word to describe the music contained on this monstrous ménage a trois, because it sure as hell surpasses the concept of a “record.” Danava returns for the first time since their stunning album UnonoU with “The Illusion Crawls,” in their patented 12-bar progressive metal stance, a bit heavier than in the past but with good reason. Earthless is one on a very short list of modern-day hard rock trios that can hold its own with the bands that played at the genesis of metal in the early “˜70s. Raging guitar, thunderous bass and skull-splitting drums provide a massive headrush in their offering, entitled “Demon Lady.” Finally, newcomers Lecherous Gaze shine like a chrome-coated naked lady mudflap on “Get You Some,” a sleazy and intrepid call to all the party dudes and lusty women out there. Buy a copy before it makes the FDA schedule for controlled substances in 2011.

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