Bernard Fèvre

Bernard Fèvre is a French musician and composer who is known for his work with both electronic and library music. Under his own name he released his first library album, Suspense, in 1975. In quick succession, he also released The Strange World of Bernard Fevre and Cosmos 2043, two years later. In 1978, Fèvre pivoted his music and created a new project, Black Devil (currently known as Black Devil Club), that released its first album, Disco Club, that same year. While its electronic space disco sound was groundbreaking at the time, it was released to relative obscurity, and remained that way until the Aphex Twins re-released it as a remix in 2004. With the release came a renewed surge in popularity for Fèvre’s music which has seen multiple re-released and remixes over the years. He continues to release music, the most recent being Orbit Ceremony 77.