Andras Fox

Melbourne-based producer, soundtrack composer, radio host, and DJ Andras Fox (also known as András, Art Wilson, Wilson Tanner, Andras & Oscar) is renowned for his tactile and unique form of antipodean funk that feels equally informed by garage house and new age musical traditions. His productions sound appropriate on both the dance floor and in the lounge, boasting a casual danceability and mood that seamlessly adapts to both environs. After releasing numerous solo records, Andras collaborated with vocalist Oscar Key Sung for 2013’s Embassy. His 2014 release with Mexican Summer, On Vibrate On Silent, created g-funk with a surf sensibility; congas, shakers, electro-acoustic melodies coalesce with deep grooves, subtle hooks and a laid-back, oceanic ambience. He hosted Strange Holiday on Melbourne’s Triple R 102.7fm where he championed a diverse mix of primitive rhythms, weird disco, outsider music and other Australian rarities the last show aired in December 2018. His latest work, Overworld (2018), was created for the eponymous dance performance by Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen—and is a departure from his usual sound into the world of new age and ambient music.