Flying Saucers Are Real!


Last week we announced Anthology Editions, our new publishing partnership with counter culture archivists Boo-Hooray. The first fruit of our collaboration comes in the form of Flying Saucers Are Real!, a vibrant collection spotlighting one of the 20th century’s most pervasive subcultures.

Naturally, author Jack Womack‘s depth of knowledge and insight on science fiction topics doesn’t end at Flying Saucers Are Real!. Womack is the author of seven additional acclaimed books, and is the 1994 winner of the Philip K. Dick Award, among other impressive feats.

Join Womack on a journey through this vast wealth of ephemera and rare mid-century flying saucer books from his own esteemed UFO Library, presented alongside writings outlining the history of the UFO phenomenon. A foreword written by science fiction legend Willam Gibson adds even further merit and depth to Flying Saucers Are Real!

Flying Saucers Are Real! is now available for pre-order, both as a standard version and a deluxe bundle. The deluxe bundle includes the book, “FLYING SAUCERS ARE REAL” rectangular lapel pin, “FROM HEAVEN TO EARTH” circular button featuring cover art, a newly designed Anthology tote bag, a 36 page, black and white risograph print zine on the Shaver Mystery, a limited edition lenticular holograph print signed by Womack and Gibson, and a limited edition 7″ with Buchanan and Goodman’s “The Flying Saucer Part I & II” on the A-side and a silkscreen print on the B-side.

Pre-order Flying Saucers Are Real! here. 

Flying Saucers Are Real!