100% of Bandcamp Proceeds go to The Marshall Project Today


Today, Bandcamp is waiving their share of sales for all purchases until midnight (PST). Joining them, we will be donating 100% of our Bandcamp label revenue to The Marshall Project, a nonprofit news organization covering issues related to the criminal justice system.

Please consider purchasing music from Black artists and Black-owned labels. As a jumping off point, our staff compiled a list of releases by independent Black artists and Black artists on Black-owned labels. Check out the list below.

Mexican Summer and Anthology stand with the Black community and condemn the racist acts of violence perpetrated against Black people due to white supremacy and police brutality. We are listening to all the voices calling for change, and will be releasing a further statement in the coming days on our initiatives to continue to support the Black community.

Navy Blue – Àdá Irin 

Dean Blunt – Roaches 2012 – 2019 ($up£r D£lux£) 

Pink Siifu – NEGRO 

Contour – Weight 

CRY – Niecy Blues 

A Long Kiss Goodnight – Dreamcrusher

Bookworms – Dyslexia Two 

Sunk Heaven – Y Serpentine 

Negashi Armada – The Silverprint 

Dreamcrusher – Panopticon

973 Future Yook – S/T 

R.A.P. Ferreira – Purple Moonlit Pages 

Busdriver – Thumbs 

Open Mike Eagle – What Happens When I Try To Relax 

Ovrkast – Try Again

Moor Mother – Clepsydra

Noname – Telefone

Shamir – Cataclysm

Afrikan Sciences – To Play Love By Ear Vol 1

Klein – Frozen

Equiknoxx – Jump

Kush Jones – Strictly 4 My CDJZ 8 

SCRAAATCH – Teardops

Nubya Garcia – Lost Kingdoms

Otim Alpha –  Gulu City Anthems 

Ekuka Morris Sirikiti – Ekuka

DJ Dalki – Balani Fou 

Time Cow & RTKal – Elephant Man

Medhane – Cold Water

Zsela – Ache Of Victory

Herbert Quick – Bit My Tongue EP

Yoshisuhn – (K{[NO]W}) BLISS

Darian Donovan Thomas – Darkness Runs From Light

1000+ Black Producers / Artists / Labels for Bandcamp Day: https://bit.ly/3dAmVfL